My Flickr

I have used flickr to share my photography for over 8 years, so naturally there are more of my pictures on flickr than I have displayed on SunsetWindsPhotography.  Unfortunately, when I began taking pictures I had a blog and I would shrink my pictures to fit the blog.  I disposed of the originals thinking it would never matter, but now I’m quite fond of some of those images but having them printed is a little difficult because of their dimensions and poor resolution.  If you see a photo on my flickr feed that you would like to order please send me a link to the picture or tell me the title and I will check to see if the resolution is high enough to successfully print it.  Most of them should be fine, but I’ll let you know! If you’re on flickr let’s connect!

I’d love to see your work as well!  Send me a message or a friend request letting me know you found me here!

Find me here: Sunset Winds on Flickr