Photographers need a little help here any there!  Or, if you’re me, a lot of help, here, there, and everywhere!  Maybe, like myself, you just loved the idea of capturing the world… and then you got a camera that didn’t have a book, and you just started pressing buttons and fabulous things started happening, and only 3 years later did you find out that what you were doing had names like “shutter speed” and “Aperture.”

These links should save you some time!  Learn how best to use your camera!  And each link is to a site that has way more information about photography, so learn the basics and then learn the advanced stuff, but most importantly: enjoy!  For inspiration, check out the “links” page to see photographers who inspire me!

» Basic Tips For Properly Capturing what your CREATIVE eye sees

» 7 Tips to Get Crisp Sharp Photos Every Time

» 9 Photography Mistakes to Avoid

» Canon ERR99 and How to Fix it [a common error on Canon cameras]

» Aperture courtesy of One Starry Night

» Using a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT courtesy of Adorama

» Basic Shutter Speed courtesy of One Starry Night

» Using Instagram to take great pictures courtesy of Simple Things

» 10 Reasons Why You Should Shoot in RAW From Photography Concentrate

» Lightroom Before and Afters From Photography Concentrate [This is for those people who think that “real photographers don’t post-process. They do. They almost all do. It’s also for those people who have thought about Lightroom but haven’t bought it. Do it. It’s worth it.]

» Lighting Guide From Photography Concentrate [8 Tutorials on lighting, and how best to take advantage of any light]

» The Basics of Bird Photogarphy From Katydid56 @ BlogHer

» How to Critique Your Own Photographs From Veronica Armstrong [because you’re your own worst critic and you should be more constructive about it 😉 ]